Now Offering Tune-Up Sessions!

Need Just a Little Tune-Up?

Not everyone needs a standing appointment with a therapist, but could your relationship benefit from a little tune-up? Maybe there is just one sticking point that needs some TLC and a counselor's guidance. Or lately, communication just hasn't been as good as you'd prefer. We now offer a concise, commitment-free, 2.5 hour session for you to make immediate progress on your relationship. Work one-on-one with me, Lauren, as we improve communication and conflict resolution in your marriage today. This offer is ideal for those not interested in the traditional, multi-session approach to couples therapy. Come in, clear the air, and jump right back into your routine.  


  • One-on-one couple workshop with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate

  • Improve communication and conflict resolution in your marriage today

  • Brief one-time, 2.5 hour long one-on-one session

  • No commitment for couples therapy post-meeting

  • Avoid group couple therapy, with the same quick results

  • Pick a time that works in your schedule, evening availability included

Who This is For

  • Couples who want to be better at communicating

  • Couples who find themselves having the same fights over and over again

  • Partners who feel like their spouse does not hear or understand their perspectives

  • Couples who simply want to improve their marriage

  • Couples who aren’t sure if they want to commit to marriage therapy

What You Will Gain

  • Better understanding of how to effectively communicate with your spouse

  • More Thorough understanding of your partner’s thoughts and feelings

  • Discover what patterns of communication and conflict leave you feeling stuck

  • New conflict resolution strategies

  • More closeness and connectedness in your relationship

If this sounds like something your relationship could benefit from, schedule an appointment today. Click below to contact me.