Avoiding Friday Night Fights - Part 1: Not All Problems Are Solvable

Conflict can take place for a variety of reasons in a marriage. You may argue about something small like whether your partner picks up their dirty clothes in the bathroom, or something larger like your mother-in-law’s tendency to critique how you are raising your children. Big or small, conflict is a regular occurrence in relationships, because relationships are made up of humans and humans are imperfect and complex. You and your spouse will not agree on everything and recognizing this from the start will help you in the long-run. Understand that in your relationship there will be differences that do not have a permanent resolution. You can discuss a temporary cease-fire when these issues arise, but this topic will likely arise again in the future purely because you and your spouse are different people who are living and growing in the same space. Although unsolvable problems do exist in marriage, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish these every-day issues from deeper wounds that keep coming up because healing has not occurred. If you need help sorting out which problems in your relationship are unsolvable or the sign of something bigger, consider talking with a marriage therapist to gain the insight you need to address the issue.

Lauren Barron is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate who specializes in working with premarital and married couples. If you would like to set up a free consultation with Lauren, call her at (713)364-9748.

Avoiding Friday Night Fights is a blog series taking place on every Friday in the month of March. Check back here each Friday, or follow us on Facebook to find out when the latest post has been uploaded.

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