If You Can’t Change Your Circumstances, Change Your Attitude

Are you feeling stuck in a dead-end job? Do you feel that your spouse drives you nuts constantly? If you are dissatisfied with your current circumstances, it may feel like you have nowhere to go, and nowhere else to turn. When it comes to making changes in our lives, we must consider first what is within our realm of possibility. What aspects of a situation do we have the power to change. We have very little to no power at all, to change other people; but we have all the control we need to change ourselves. If you look at your life and find that people or the environment around you cannot be changed to improve your circumstances, focus on changing yourself. Most often this is in the form of changing your thoughts. Moving away from dwelling on the negative of a situation, and choosing to focus on the positive can help to improve how you feel day-to-day. It is in fact a choice. Not always an easy one, but one that is within your control. To make positive changes in your life today, remember to focus on what is within your power, and make the choice to think, feel, or react differently for more positive results.

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