Finding a Balance of Individuality and Togetherness in Your Relationship

Finding a healthy balance within a relationship can sometimes be a difficult task. When a relationship first begins, everything is so exciting and you cannot get enough of the other person. You want to know all about them, and want to spend as much time as physically possible interacting with them. As your relationship grows and matures, this shiny new phase wears off, and we are faced with having to do real life in addition to loving our new partner. A healthy balance within a relationship consists of two healthy individual units who learn to love and live with the other. We can often get confused when our passion and excitement dims for the other person, and we think that we may not love or be in love with them anymore. Just as you change over time, relationships also grow and adapt. The key to a healthy couple relationship is communication and a good balance between individuality and togetherness. Each of you can have your own careers, interests, and even friends; but at the end of the day each of you chooses to do life with one another. That is the real key here. Healthy couples are partners who choose to engage and invest in one another, but do not need the other to survive emotionally or physically. If you need help establishing a healthier balance in your relationship, think about individual or couple therapy. Lauren is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate and has received unique training to work with individuals or couples. In therapy she can help you to develop/strengthen your communication skills, and establish a healthy balance for your relationship.

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