Are You Miscommunicating Your Love?

As we are quickly approaching Valentine’s Day, many of us are thinking hard about how to express our love and affection for our significant other. If you need a little tip on how to communicate your love this year, think about giving a gift or gesture that you know your significant other would like to receive. This sounds like common sense, right? Of course, you plan to give them something they will enjoy. However, many couples “miscommunicate” when it comes to expressing their affection for one another. This happens because they are thinking about giving in the wrong way. In order to really connect with your significant other, you must give to them in their “love language.” The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman, outlines how couples often misstep by giving to their partner in the way they would like to receive, rather than the way their partner would like to receive. We often see this at Christmas time when a wife gives her husband a one-of-a-kind cashmere sweater that she would have loved; and her husband gives her the newest tech gadget that he thought would be awesome. In order to give the best and most effective gift or gesture to your love this Valentine’s Day, take the free love language quiz on the 5 Love Language app on your phone. Ask your partner to take it as well, and share your results. Make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one yet by giving as your partner would like to receive to really connect with them in their love language. Like, Share, or Follow if you found this tip helpful and would like to see more content like this.


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