Is Perfectionism Damaging Your Relationship?

Does perfectionism drive you to achieve more than you thought possible in your life? Has it helped you to develop a rewarding career, and put you on the fast track to a position of leadership in your field? While perfectionism is often thought of as a harmless internal motivator for many, it can also leave people feeling anxious and disconnected from the people around them. Perfectionists have very high standards for themselves and others, which can lead to a lack of compassion for oneself, family, partners, and employees. This sometimes leads to an unhealthy emphasis being placed on what could have been done better, and a complete dismissal of what was good or done well. As much as perfectionists love the feeling of controlling their lives through planning, organization, and maintaining very high standards; these very same traits can leave a person feeling completely overwhelmed and out of control. If your perfectionism is running your life and you would like to take back control, consider working with a therapist to develop healthy strategies that promote success while maintaining sanity. You will learn how to strike the ideal balance between perfection and reality, while gaining a greater understanding of how your perfectionistic tendencies impact your relationships at home and at work.

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