Are You Tired of Feeling Dismissed in Your Relationship?

Relationships can be very challenging, and can sometimes leave us feeling devalued and dismissed. It may feel as if our words, thoughts, and feelings do not matter at all to the people we care about or interact with. In order to establish a healthier balance of worth and respect within a relationship we must establish assertive communication skills. Communication styles exist on a spectrum from passive on one end, aggressive on the other, and assertive right in the middle. The spectrum identifies how a person communicates with those around them, and the level of respect a person holds for oneself and the other party. Aggressive communicators hold tons of respect for themselves, and very little to none for the other person. Passive communicators do the opposite, holding very little respect for themselves and giving all the respect and power to the other party. Each of these styles leads to one party or the other feeling unheard, hurt, or invisible. In order to move from one end of the spectrum toward assertive communication, take time to evaluate where respect lies in the conversation. Are you dismissing your own desires and opinions for the sole benefit of the other person? Are you frequently informing others of how things will go, without considering their opinions? If you want to communicate assertively, you will need to move away from your typical passive or aggressive response style and move toward the middle ground. WARNING: communicating assertively with others does not mean they will communicate assertively with you. In these situations where another person continues to communicate passively or aggressively, you can only do what is within your own control and continue to communicate evenly and respectfully. Start communicating assertively today at home and at work, and observe how your relationships are changed for the better.

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