Why Therapy is Like Dating

Did you know first therapy sessions are like first dates? This may seem surprising, but the two occasions are quite similar. First, each instance marks the beginning of a new relationship. While you are looking for something more romantic on a first date, the first therapy session involves the start of a new professional and working relationship. The relationship will be defined by different boundaries and expectations, but a relationship is formed through which therapeutic change can take place. Second, each relationship involves varying levels of vulnerability. Of course, vulnerability implies a certain amount of risk that we all want to manage; and we do this by choosing to open-up as we feel more comfortable. Similarly, this same process takes place in a romantic relationship where closeness and intimacy are developed over time. Lastly, the first therapy session is like a first date because it involves mutual evaluation of the other person or party. The first session is designed to determine best fit for the client and the therapist. You are looking to evaluate whether or not the therapists’ personality and style fits you and your needs; while the therapist works to determine if their style, training, and approach is best suited to assist you given your presenting concern. Keep in mind that the first session is just that; a first session. You are not obligated to go on a “second date,” and you have the right at any point in time to change your mind. While a therapeutic relationship is defined by different professional boundaries and expectations than a romantic relationship, each provides you with the opportunity to evaluate, open-up as you feel comfortable, and choose to continue or walk away as you please. At Resilience Counseling Services, we offer free 25 minute in-person or phone consultations so you can begin this process risk free. Call, email, or visit our website today to check us out and schedule your free consultation.


Lauren Barron is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate specializing in working with engaged, newlywed, and married couples. If you would like to set up an appointment or consultation with her today, call her at (713) 364-9748.

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