The Most Effective Way to Break Bad Habits

Having trouble breaking bad habits this new year? Working hard to build up new healthy or more positive behaviors? Employ decades of Behaviorists research to help build or break habits in your life in 2018. The key to using Behaviorism principles to shape your habits of daily living is through reinforcement. One way to do this is to tie behaviors together as a way of reinforcing a specific action or task. For example, if you want to spend less time watching TV this new year, you might say to yourself: “I can only watch TV tonight after I have cleaned the kitchen. If you typically have wine with dinner at some point in the week and you would like to start working out more often; you could decide that you are only allowed to have wine with dinner on a day that you worked out for at least 30 minutes. Yet another example might be to allow yourself time to read your new novel, but only after you have cleaned out the fridge. The key is to take behaviors you are less likely to do, and reinforce their occurrence with behaviors you enjoy doing. Remember, reinforcement works both ways as well; you can give yourself something as a reward after accomplishing an undesirable task, or you can require that you do more of another undesirable task if you do not complete the original chore. You can use the key principles of Behaviorism this new year to help build and break habits for a healthier life.

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