Premarital Counseling

For couples starting out their journey together

Planning a wedding? Beyond the list of vendors you need to call back, and the 57 texts you have gotten from your mom today, you know that all the stress of getting married will be worth it once you finally walk down that aisle. We spend countless hours planning every exact detail of this day which marks the beginning of something remarkable, but it is truly just the beginning. You are investing a lot of time and resources in to planning the perfect wedding. Do the same for your marriage by participating in premarital counseling with a licensed therapist specializing in engaged and newlywed couples. There is more to preparing for marriage than reading a book or a couple blog posts about what makes marriages successful. It also takes more than the one or two 30-minute long meetings you have with your officiant that he/she calls premarital counseling as well.

Counseling Packages

The Essentials

The Essentials package includes five one-hour long premarital counseling sessions that will help you to build a strong foundation for your relationship. You will learn the communication and conflict resolutions skills that you need to maintain a successful marriage, as well as discuss all the important topics all premarital couples should cover before the big day. Topics include finances, sex, intimacy, the in-laws, boundaries, work-life balance, roles and expectations, future plans, and wedding planning stress. This package is ideal for couples who want to develop the skills and knowledge required for building and maintaining a strong marriage and relationship.

Dance to I Do

This package is for couples who are looking to do something fun and different. In addition to 5 one-hour long premarital counseling sessions, couples will receive two one-hour long partner dance lessons. The premarital sessions will cover topics such as sexuality, finances, work-life balance, communication, conflict resolution, future plans, spousal roles, the in-laws, and intimacy. Each dance lesson is where the fun begins and the couple gets to apply and practice the skills they learn in therapy, while learning some new moves for their first dance together. The lessons are taught by Lauren and her husband who met on a country-western dance team in college and have been dancing together since 2009. This package is ideal for couples who love a challenge, and are interested in learning and growing together.

Counseling Al la Carte

If a package is not what you are looking for, individual premarital counseling sessions can also be booked for couples as needed. Individual premarital sessions cover topics of the couple’s choosing, and are available for booking on an as needed basis. If the couple would like more structure, the couple can elect for Lauren to guide the topics of discussion based on the couples needs/wants.  

Getting Started

Premarital Consultation

In-person and phone consultations are also made available for couples who would like to get a feel for therapy and Lauren before deciding upon which package or program they would like to pursue. These consultations are offered free-of-charge, and there is no obligation to purchase any services after the consultation. Consultations are ideal for couples who are looking to learn more about what Lauren has to offer, and would like to understand more about what premarital counseling entails.  

Pricing and Scheduling

Please contact us to obtain a pricing sheet, and for any questions you may have. Payment plans are available for each of the premarital counseling packages to suit the needs of the couple. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, and Lauren works hard to accommodate the needs of premarital clients. Sessions are available on week days during normal business hours and evenings, and weekend appointments can also be arranged.