Newlywed Couples Counseling

For couples who have recently tied the knot 

If you have recently gotten married, you know that this life transition comes with lots of changes for you and your family. Couples who have recently gotten married are thought to live in a shiny after-glow of their wedding, however, many couples need help adjusting to married life now that the whirl-wind of planning the wedding is over. No one on the outside expects newlyweds to experience anything other than marital bliss, however this is not only unrealistic but untrue.  

​Couples in this phase of life often encounter difficulties such as: work-life balance, decisions about finances, sex and expectations, home-ownership/buying a house, family planning, dealing with the in-laws, or trying to keep alive the romance that brought you two together in the first place. First of all, it is extremely normal to run into some taxing areas as a newlywed couple, and marriage will be filled with moments where you and your relationship are challenged to grow. The fact is, many of these issues will not resolve themselves on there own and the earlier you can address these concerns in your relationship the healthier your marriage will be long-term. For newlywed couples wanting to strengthen the foundation of their marriage, we offer three couple counseling packages as well as couple therapy sessions as needed.

Counseling Packages

Newlywed Essentials

This package is designed for newlywed couples who would like to address common concerns that newly married couples face, and lay a good foundation for strong communication and conflict resolution skills. This package includes four 1-hour long couple counseling sessions that are customized to the needs of the clients. This package is ideal for couples who maybe did not complete premarital counseling, but want to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to build and maintain a successful marriage.

Two-Step Twofer

This package is for couples looking to do something fun and non-traditional when it comes to couple counseling. This package includes four one-hour long couple therapy sessions that will address hot topics of concerns for newlywed couples, and also includes four one-hour long partner dance lessons. The dance lessons are taught by Lauren and her husband, and couples are given the opportunity to practice the communication and conflict resolution skills they learn in therapy through the fun of country-western dance.

Just Dance

Not into the whole therapy thing? This package is ideal for couples who want to strengthen their relationship, but don’t want something as structured or formal as therapy. This package includes four 1-hour long partner dance lessons, taught by Lauren and her husband. Although you won’t be receiving therapy in this package, you will learn some helpful tips on communication, trust, and conflict resolution as you learn and practice some new moves.

Counseling Al la Carte

If you are not interested in a package, or would prefer to only schedule sessions as needed we offer couple counseling sessions individually as well. Each therapy session is tailored to the exact needs of the couple, or you can ask Lauren for guidance on a topic of interest.

Getting Started

Newlywed Consultation

In-person and phone consultations are also made available for couples who would like to get a feel for therapy and Lauren before deciding upon which package or program they would like to pursue. These consultations are offered free-of-charge, and there is no obligation to purchase any services after the consultation. Consultations are ideal for couples who are looking to learn more about what Lauren has to offer, and would like to understand more about what couple counseling entails. 

Pricing and Scheduling

Please contact us to obtain a pricing sheet, and for any questions you may have. Payment plans are available for each of the counseling packages to suit the needs of the couple. Sessions are available on week days during normal business hours and evenings, and weekend appointments can also be arranged.