Married Couples Counseling

For more seasoned couples

Let’s face it, marriage can be way more difficult than we ever thought it would be. There are days when our spouse feels like our roommate, and not one of those perfect roommates who always picks their clothes up off the bathroom floor and never leaves their dishes in the sink. We get it, marriage in real-life is nothing like the movies or books you see in popular media. Marriage means having routines that get your kids out the door in the morning, and quick texts or phone calls asking your spouse if they remembered to order more baby wipes and diapers off amazon.


Married life is complicated, and you want more out of your marriage than a roommate and fellow toddler butt wiper. Marriages in this phase of life often start to creep into a place where the stress of raising young kids leaves you resenting your partners ability to escape from it all at work or with friends. If left unaddressed, this resentment and distance can begin to grow and multiply like mold in your dry-wall after a flood. You want nothing more than a successful marriage that your kids can look up to, but are not sure where to look next. Take the next step today by scheduling a marriage tune-up or couple counseling session. For married couples we offer three marital counseling packages as well as individual couple sessions as needed.

Counseling Packages

Marriage Tune-Up

This package is just what your marriage needs. It includes three one-hour sessions of couple counseling and focuses on communication and conflict resolution skills. Other topics of interest for the couple can also be incorporated as desired. This package is ideal for couples who want to engage in preventative services to protect the health of their marriage long-term.

Two-Step Twofer

This package is for couples looking to do something fun and non-traditional when it comes to couple counseling. This package includes five one-hour long couple therapy sessions that will address hot topics of concerns for married couples, and also includes four one-hour long partner dance lessons. The dance lessons are taught by Lauren and her husband, and couples are given the opportunity to practice the communication and conflict resolution skills they learn in therapy through the fun of country-western dance.

Just Dance

Not into the whole therapy thing? This package is ideal for couples who want to strengthen their relationship, but don’t want something as structured or formal as therapy. This package includes four one-hour long partner dance lessons, taught by Lauren and her husband. Although you won’t be receiving therapy in this package, you will learn some helpful tips on communication, trust, and conflict resolution as you learn and practice some new moves.

Counseling Al la Carte

If you are not interested in a package, or would prefer to only schedule sessions as needed we offer couple counseling sessions individually as well. Each therapy session is tailored to the exact needs of the couple, or you can ask Lauren for guidance on a topic of interest.

Getting Started

Couples Consultation

In-person and phone consultations are also made available for couples who would like to get a feel for therapy and Lauren before deciding upon which package or program they would like to pursue. These consultations are offered free-of-charge, and there is no obligation to purchase any services after the consultation. Consultations are ideal for couples who are looking to learn more about what Lauren has to offer, and would like to understand more about what couple counseling entails. 

Pricing and Scheduling

Please contact us to obtain a pricing sheet, and for any questions you may have. Sessions are available on week days during normal business hours and evenings, and weekend appointments can also be arranged.