Disability and Chronic Illness Counseling

Assistance in adjusting to chronic conditions

The diagnosis of a chronic illness or disability can have significant impacts on the family and individual patient. You may feel a great sense of loss or despair that is extremely hard to overcome. Whether or not the disability or illness is something a person is born with or acquires later in life, life is different when living with a chronic condition. Many more challenges and obstacles may present themselves making life just plain hard sometimes. Lauren has a personal experience with a disability and understands that you or your family may be overwhelmed with the changes that are happening in your life as a result of a chronic condition. Lauren wants to walk with you and your family as you begin to adapt and understand how life is different now because of your diagnosis. Lauren knows that despite these significant challenges, that life with a disability can still be fun, enjoyable, and extremely fulfilling. Contact Lauren today to begin working toward acceptance, adaptation, and finding meaning in your experiences as a person or family with a chronic illness or disability. 

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